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The HELICONIA Training flying school is located at the Gap-Tallard Airport in Hautes Alpes (05). This platform was chosen because of the favourable climatic conditions of the area (300 days' sunshine per year) and for its attractive geographical location, at the epicentre of a a number of nearby airfields, such as Sisteron, Barcelonnette, Valence, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, allowing a wide variety of training flights.

HELICONIA FRANCE has FR ATO 0115 certification. This certification, under European regulations, allows our school to provide training for private and professional pilots, standard qualifications for many types of aircraft, training in specific activities and skills refresher training.

HELICONIA France offers the opportunity for training in different types of aircraft, with basic training provided in using Cabri G2, Robinson R44, EC 120B, EC 130 and A5350.

HELICONIA also offers night VFR training.



We tailor our training to ensure that our student pilots progress in the best conditions. Our instructors are known for their educational qualities and their piloting skills. In an ideal setting for learning, especially in a mountainous environment, our school offers a warm welcome and aeronautics at very reasonable prices.

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Entry requirements :
Minimum age: 17 on the day of the final practical test. Valid class 2 medical certificate issued by a doctor approved by civil aviation.

General training content :
The training programme is spread over a minimum of 4 months including theoretical preparation (pre-flight briefing and after flight debriefing) and practical in-flight training leading to the final flight test.

The training :
The certified practical course leads to the Private Helicopter Pilot licence and includes a minimum of 45 flight hours (for a starting trainee) scheduled over four months.

Course content :
35 hours' dual control flight (instruction).
10 hours' solo flight.
38 hours’ applied theory: briefings and debriefings before and after each flight.

Licence benefits :
Holders of Private Pilot Helicopter licences can carry out unpaid Captain's functions on board any helicopter carrying or not carrying passengers, for which s/he holds the standard qualification.


Entry requirements :
Minimum age: 18 on the day of the final practical test.
Valid CPLH theory exam qualification.
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate, issued by the CMPN
Valid PPLH (Private Pilot's) licence.

General training content :
1 Theoretical training (delivered by subcontractors)
The professional helicopter pilot theoretical tests have complied with the JAR FCL 2 European standards since January 2006.
The theoretical course is delivered as a placement for a period of 11 weeks and is conducted in 2-3 sessions. It includes 330 hours of courses including the following modules:

010: Air Law and Regulation: General knowledge of aircraft
030: Flight performance and planning 040: Human factors
050: Meteorology 060: Navigation
070: Operational Procedures 080: Flight mechanics
090: Communication

2. Practical training
The certified modular practical course leads to the Professional Helicopter Pilot licence and includes a minimum of 30 flight hours, or 35 flight hours including night flight. It is for trainees holding the PPLH licence (private helicopter pilot) and includes a total of 155 flight hours. A bridging course from the PPLI -1 licence may be needed to reach the 155 hours (estimate on request).

The different phases of the practical training :
Phase 1: Taking control of the helicopter, track tour, ground work
Phase 2: Emergency procedures.
Phase 3: Classic steering development.
Phase 4: Country flight.
Phase 5: Development of management of faults, hazardous situations.
Phase 6: Navigation development.
Phase 7: in flight test preparation.

Content of the MODULAR CPLH course:
2 hours' theoretical evaluation.
1:30 hours’ in flight evaluation
20 hours' flight instruction in visual flight.
10 hours' flight instruction using the instruments.
5 hours' flight instruction in night flight (for those without night-flight certification)
50 hours' briefings and debriefings.
2 hours flight, approximately, for the final flight test.

The number of hours required may exceed the suggested programme and is based on your progress during the training.

Licence benefits :
Holders of the Professional Helicopter Pilot Licence can carry out paid work in the Commercial Air Transport and in the Air Work.


The courses offered by HELICONIA France are certified by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing.

Turbine Qualification
Night Flight Qualification
Standard qualifications for Cabri G2,
Robinson R44, EC 120, AS 350 B2,
AS350 B3, EC130 B4, AS 355N

DNC training (skill level declaration)

HELICONIA offers, in accordance with the "training organization folder (DOF)" approved by civil aviation, training for the DNCs required by regulation (external load transportation, HWB, filming, parachute release)



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