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© Copyright 2014. All reproduction and distribution rights reserved. This Charter defines the general terms of use of the website: "", hereafter the "Site".
The Site provides the web user, hereafter the "User", with online access to information and data associated with Héliconia France. 
The Site information is the property of Heliconia France whose full details appear on the Site pages.

By accessing the Site and before consulting it or using its services, the User declares that s/he is aware of this Charter. The User agrees to be bound by and comply fully and completely with these terms and conditions. Héliconia France may change this Charter at any time without prior notice so you are advised to consult it regularly.


2.1 The User undertakes to use the Site and its Services for strictly personal, non-commercial purposes.

2.2 The User is responsible for the content (information, software data, images, sounds, messages, etc.) downloaded and/or displayed and/or transmitted by him/her. Accordingly, the User undertakes not to transmit any content that might constitute, without limitation, incitement to hatred, violence, racism, discrimination, crimes and offences, invasion of privacy, defamation or which may infringe intellectual property rights or other third party rights or that might unwittingly mislead other users or that would violate any of the provisions of the Charter, or any law or national or international regulations, or more generally that might obstruct or disturb the smooth functioning of the Sites and Services.
It is prohibited to transmit any material containing viruses or other elements that might damage the Site or third parties or, more generally, that might contravene applicable laws or interfere with any other User's use or enjoyment of the Services.

2.3 The User agrees to guarantee and hold Héliconia France harmless from any third party damages or claim due to the transmission, dissemination or distribution of content by the User or unauthorized use of the Site or breach of the provisions of this Charter.


3.1 Heliconia France reserves the right at any time to interrupt or suspend all or part of the Services or to modify, add or improve the Services offered on the Site to improve their ease of use or to enrich it, without prior information or compensation.

3.2 Heliconia France shall not guarantee that the Site is compatible with a specific use or need, or that its operation shall be free from interruption, error, disturbance, viruses or failure, whatever their cause, force majeure, vicarious liability or other, or the veracity, reliability or accuracy of the information posted online or the quality of the Services or compliance of the Services or results sought by the User.

3.3 Heliconia France cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or inaccessibility of the Site and its Services, including defective performance of the Sites and/or software, loss, alteration or fraudulent access to data, failures in User systems, accidental transmission of viruses, harmful behaviour of third parties, transactions taking place during the use of the Sites, loss of profit or data or direct or indirect damage suffered by any third party due to violation of their private rights by any content provided by Users.

3.4 The Site contains links to other sites published by Héliconia France's external providers. These websites are operated by third parties, totally separately and independently of Heliconia France. Heliconia France has no control of any sort over the activities, products or services offered by such sites and cannot be held responsible for their contents. All transactions, correspondence or operations on third party sites are the sole responsibility of the publishers of the sites concerned.


4.1 The User may not copy, reproduce in volume, extract, digitize or reverse engineer in any media enabling reassembly of all or part of the Site files, modify, sell, republish, communicate, disseminated online or use directly or indirectly for commercial purposes, all or part of the Intangible Assets of the Site, its Services or any right of access to the Site.

4.2 The User agrees only to use the Intangible Assets of the Hélconia France Site for private, non-collective and non-exclusive purposes, including a storage reproduction right for the purposes of representation on a single workstation screen and reproduction in a single copy for a backup copy or for printing. This right is reserved for the exclusive use of the User and is personal and non-transferable. Any unauthorized use of the above-mentioned Assets shall make the offender liable for the civil and criminal penalties provided by law.

These general terms and conditions of the Charter are subject to and interpreted in accordance with French Law.  Any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution and application hereof that cannot be settled by negotiation shall be brought before the courts of jurisdiction.

Heliconia France reserves the right to subcontract or assign its rights and obligations hereunder to a third party.
Should Héliconia France overlook any failure by the User to meet an obligation under this Charter or failure to apply any right recognized by the Charter, this shall not, under any circumstances, be interpreted as a general waiver on its part in relation to invoking its rights.
In the event that any of the provisions of the Charter are deemed illegal by present or future legal order or regulation or by court decision bearing the authority of res judicata and handed down by a court or body with jurisdiction, that provision shall be deemed to be not written and all the other provisions of the Charter shall remain in full force between the parties.

We are grateful to Mr. Michel LEBLEUX for providing us with the photographs of the Cabri on the site.

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