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Public transport of passengers

Flights to order and tourist flights

Passenger and tourist flights

HELICONIA France is your best choice for helicopter travel and offers a range of customized services. Safety, speed and comfort guaranteed. For all your professional or private trips throughout France, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, Spain ... We manage the transportation of your passengers to any destination.

All year round and whatever your destination, HELICONIA France is also available to provide you with air transport services to order, in France or abroad.

HELICONIA France also manages groups, business seminars, incentives, offering a fresh perspective on exploration of France and Europe.

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Flights to order


     Routes to and from airports


      Site-to-site connections


      Connections between ski stations


      Connections to your factory, restaurants


      Exclusive flights around Paris with a stopover


      Aeroplane to helicopter transfers


      Heli drops

What we do

HELICONIA is an airline (CTA No. FR.AOC.0032) offering travel that complies with the most demanding aviation standards in the world. Our professional pilots are available to take you wherever you want to go in full safety. Our fleet is maintained by our integrated workshop that complies with the most demanding European standards to guarantee maximum reliability. Our customers are our number one priority, ensuring their satisfaction is our main goal. Fly with us and you will see ...

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Tourist flights

Exclusive flights to castles, vineyards and coastlines - to explore the outstanding monuments of our heritage



"Enjoy an exclusive flight to explore the Marne Valley and its vineyards from the sky"



"Enjoy an exclusive flight to the Mont Saint-Michel - a Unesco World Heritage monument"



"Enjoy an exclusive flight to explore the Loire Valley and its famous châteaux from the sky"



"Enjoy an exclusive flight to explore the wild beauty of the landing beaches from the sky"


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