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Aerial Work

in Mountainous or Non-urban environments

Aerial Work in Mountainous or Non-urban environments

We are ideally located, with our main base in Hautes-Alpes - so our team of professionals and specialized helicopters can respond rapidly in all environments, for lifting, longshoring and transportation of supplies and animals ..

Press article of 30/09/16

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      Transportation of slung loads


      Precision positioning


      Safety, efficiency, speed


      Completely safe, high quality services


      Services tailored to each business


      Innovative Solutions

what we do

Because the areas we work in are very demanding, we always work with the latest generation equipment to ensure optimum efficacy for our customers and we meed the strictest safety standards.  Our helicopter fleet offers a fast and secure technical solution for any lifting operation up to 4.5 tonnes.

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Our field of action

HELICONIA offers you the following:

  Big Bags, pallets, concrete buckets, nets, fencing

  Mechanical lifting kits

  Work on power lines

  Longshoring, electricity masts, damaged vehicles

  Transportation of supplies to refuges

  Transportation of injured animals

  Transportation of potted trees

  Miscellaneous loads (chalets, framework, roof sealing materials)

  Acrobatic work: placement of avalanche barriers, nets, fire barriers, fencing

  Unwinding of cables (earth or conductor)

HELICONIA France operates throughout France, including in urban and marine environments.


Our references


  Lifting wooden poles in St. Vincent s / Jabron

  Air transport of materials – Trail du Mercantour

  Air transport of materials for « Measurement & Environment »

  Lifting wooden poles for SOBECA and ENEDIS

  Lifting wooden poles for AZUR Travaux and ENEDIS

  Lifting for SEIGNUS TP in Lac d’Allos

  Lifting for SATNA near Lac d’Allos

  Line monitoring (by UV) mission with SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES on behalf of RTE

  Pollination of olive trees (near Sisteron)

  Installation of telecom antennas

  Lifting loads at the Chateau d'If, Marseille

  Antennas of Roumoules (04)


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