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Aerial Work

in Urban Environments

in Urban Environments

As a specialist in aerial work in urban environments, HELICONIA France can provide all your special and exceptional helicopter transport needs. Our team of professionals responds proactively in all environments for operations such as the installation and removal of air conditioners, pylons, telephone relays ...

More than 20 years' experience and expertise recognized throughout the France..

Press article of 15/05/17

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      Transportation of slung loads


      Precision positioning


      Safety, efficiency, speed


      Completely safe, high quality services


      Services tailored to each business


      Innovative Solutions

what we do

Because the areas we work in are very demanding, we always work with the latest generation equipment to ensure optimum efficacy for our customers and we meed the strictest safety standards.  Our helicopter fleet offers a fast and secure technical solution for any lifting operation up to 4.5 tonnes.

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Contact M. Xavier Decroux  +33 6 68 23 08 64 or +33 1 45 54 95 11
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our field of location

HELICONIA offers you the following :

  Installation of air treatment systems, Roof Top, air conditioning units, cooling towers, transformers, compressors, heat exchangers. References: Lennox, Ett, Trane, CIAT, Frimair, Airzone, Daikin, Emerson, Balticare.

  Installation of lighting masts, installation of guyed and self-supporting pylons, telescopic masts, street lamps, telecommunications antennas, telephone exchanges and relays, satellite dishes. References: Petitjean, Valmont, TDF, SFR, Bouygues, France Télécom, antennes Leclerc.

And ...

  Installation of swimming pools, spas, verandas and conservatories.

  Sling transportation of Big Bags, pallets, concrete buckets, nets, fencing, algeco, generator groups, longshoring, vehicles.

  Unwinding of cables, optical fibres.

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